General FAQ

How can I join?
Simply click on SIGNUP button and fill up the form. Then login and you will find company bank account number. Send money to company bank account and then claim your TT through "Fund E-Wallet" and selecting "Bank Wire" as processor and finally select "FUND E-WALLET" button. Then you will see the following message"Your bank wire fund has been submitted! You will receive the funds once we have confirmed the wire has been sent. Please follow the instructions below!"
Can I open several account with www.VastVisionPro.com ?
No. If find a member has several account, all accounts will be frozen and member should be refered to legal department of company.
Is www.VastVisionPro.com an investment company?
Absolutely not. We only rent our Automatic Trading Software and suely we guarantee positive return of the software.Besides we provide a community based advertisement exchange .
VastVision Pro clearly informs that is not an investment company.
Is it possible to learn about the company's business?
We are involved in several businesses. Such as Renting Autotrading Software, Online business like advertisment exchange, online travel agancy, and any legal business that can help to grow with our customers all together.
How risky the collaboration with VastVision Pro. is?
We guarantee that there is no risk in collaboration with VastVision Pro. as we claim that we are only company that will provide username and password for our trading pool account which our Autotrading Software will be working on it. So you can trace our records and trading history and will see how really our software is trading and profiting. The thing that no company will provide you. Our transparency policy will guarantee our future in business.